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The Staff
The members of the school staff are highly qualified and very competent. They are selected by the Board of Governors. The qualifications laid down for the recruitment of the teaching staff are: a good academic degree and teaching degree with strong English background, proficiency in sports and ability to organise co-curricular activities.

The Founder Members
 Mr. & Mrs. I.L.G Mann

The founder members who established CARMAN residential & day school in the year 1960.

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Board of Governors

President Mr. R.V. Gardner
Gen. Secretary Mr. I.L.G. Mann
Principal Mrs. J.A. Kumar
Jt. Secy./Treasurer Mrs. J.A.M. Mann
Members Dr. J.R. Skinner
  Mr. G.I.G. Mann
  Mrs. S. Howard
  Mrs. V.R. Gardner
  Mr. E. Shepherd
  Mrs. R.M. Khanna
  Mr. A. Kumar
  Mrs. S. Mann
  Mr. R.E. Conway